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Ntinga Project | Five Winners Announced

Engineering News | 30 November 2017

VWSA has announced five black-owned component supplier companies as winners in its Ntinga Project. VWSA, in collaboration with ASCCI will assist these companies with tailored mentorship and competitiveness improvement projects over a course of 18 months.

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Ntinga Project | Black Supplier development project

Engineering News | 19 October 2017

ASCCI and VWSA’s Black Supplier development project, named the Ntinga Project, was established to assist, train and mentor up-and-coming black-owned suppliers in the automotive sector, has culminated in the selection of ten finalists set to compete for the top five positions.

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South Africa’s automotive industry at a glance

Business/Partners | 27 September 2014

The automotive industry can be described as one of the most global of all industries, with its products spread world-wide. It is one of South Africa’s most important sectors, with many of the major multinationals using South Africa to source components and assemble vehicles for both the local and international markets.

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Increased support for automotive sector

Transport World Africa | 24 July 2014

Support for the automotive sector is set to increase says Rob Davies, Minister at the Department of Trade and Industry (dti).
Davies was speaking during the dti budget vote in Cape Town.

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Automotive sector endorses dti initiative

South African Government News Agency | 18 October 2013

The Department of Trade and Industry (dti), its automotive social partners, labour and business have committed to work together to ensure the long-term stability of the sector.

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Davies announces competitiveness initiative

Engineering News | 18 October 2013

It was important for the South African automotive industry to move forward following the recent “unprecedented lengthy strike” this sector had faced, said Minister of Trade and Industry Dr Rob Davies on Thursday.

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